What we do

Neurocage Systems Ltd is a preclinical translational company focused on improving the success of animal husbandry and rodent-based pharmaceutical research and development.

Neurocage Systems Ltd has developed a product that allows for automated monitoring and reporting of homecage conditions. involving rodents.This is a low-cost solution (patent-pending) involving a unit containing a video camera, sensors and a connection to an artificial intelligence system for data collection/storage, real-time identification of problems, and the ability to alert animal husbandry staff. The system, designed for the newest individually-ventilated rack and cage systems, will improve animal health and welfare, as well as reduce labour costs in animal facilities.

In addition to husbandry, Neurocage’s homecage system has other applications, including behavioural and physiological monitoring for scientific research and preclinical testing that we plan to develop in subsequent iterations.

Our team